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Ponies are for everyone.  Full stop. 


Ponies are for everyone.  Full stop. 



And now a word from Circuitfry.He has opinionsMany of them have to do with our asses

I think i just suffered second hand embarrassment.

meanwhile, as circuitfry desperately attempts to remain relevant somehow to the fandom he hates so much.



And now a word from Circuitfry.

He has opinions

Many of them have to do with our asses

I think i just suffered second hand embarrassment.

meanwhile, as circuitfry desperately attempts to remain relevant somehow to the fandom he hates so much.

The Australian Labor Party will be packed into a sturdy box and placed in a casual storage facility until the conclusion of the current war in Iraq, it was revealed today.

The ALP made the decision after it became apparent that it was serving no particular purpose at this point in time.

On hearing the news, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, “Until this war concludes, we’ll just have two parties saying the same thing, so it makes sense to put one away for now”.

Labor leader Bill Shorten later released a statement saying “Until this war concludes, we’ll just have two parties saying the same thing, so it makes sense to put one away for now”.




Intriguing. Because we’ve heard time and time again at con panels that artists working on official MLP stuff can’t touch *any* fandom OCs for strict legal reasons.

At first I thought he recolored said horse in a effort to maintain an air of Plausible Deniability, but nope - there he is openly advertising and flaunting what is probably a violation of corporate policy.

Be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t think IDW or Habsro will go as far as say, DC Comics infamous freakout mass recall of League of Extroadinary Gentlemen issues, but I could imagine this being the last MLP comic he ever works on. Especially now that he’s waded waist-deep into Tumblr SJW e-beef and put a target on his back. Tsk tsk tsk. Loose lips sink ships ya’ll.






Are Nasty Comments Like These Keeping Women Out Of Science?

"It’s death by a thousand cuts. Every day you’re faced with some comment, some snide remark, some inability to get a name on a research paper. And with an accumulation of those experiences, women tend to walk with their feet."

Go here to read more infuriating stories about women in science. 

This is, indeed, an actual thing that really happens. 

I have been exceptionally lucky in this respect and continually in awe about it. Can I add some uplifting stories before I say my shitty one that made me rage for days? Sure. 

My AP Chemistry class in high school was 80% female. Okay, there were only 5 students, but damn. 

My AP Chemistry teacher in high school was incredibly supportive. He warned me that things wouldn’t be the same when I went to college — he said I would be lucky if my classes were 30% female.
He turned out to be incredibly wrong. Almost all of my STEM classes are at least 50% female. 

I once cried in front of a professor about a grade, and she was like, “…There’s a sticker on there, you think I would put a sticker on there if I thought you did proudly? You need to calm down.” and then went on to talk about how she feels obligated to help her female students push through impostor syndrome.

In my high school Drafting/AutoCAD course, I had the teacher explain to me that he preferred female students because they didn’t smash their lead into the paper like they were trying to prove how strong they were — because we were gentle, we were better, according to him. This is, of course, still sexist but he got so many girls into Drafting/AutoCAD/Mechanics by being so positive.

My advisor is elderly. True. He has never said a word about me being a girl. Not once. Never, ever, “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Won’t you want to have kids?” 

My polymer professor gets aura of being awestruck when he talks about Stephanie Kwolek.

And here’s the shit story.

I was working in lab. I had changed a technique for sample prep because it improved the accuracy/prevented spills/etc. I hadn’t told anybody because it didn’t change the results, just made it easier for the person working. I also was kind of scared of getting in trouble. I probably should have asked first. I didn’t. Oh well.
A grad student saw me prepping a sample once and just said, “Natalie!” and I almost peed myself until he said, “Why didn’t you tell me about this! That is so much better than what we’ve been doing. Where the hell did you learn that?” and I was like “uh, high school?” 
So a male undergrad comes in that morning to get a tutorial on how to make these exact samples and the grad student starts to explain, “Natalie started doing it this way, which is fantastic and I wish I thought of it first, but anyway, this is the better way to do this.”
And the male undergrad, my peer, just goes, “Oh, you’re always so nice to girls.

And in that moment my internal organs turned to fire because that sentence means, “You’re just praising her because she’s a girl, not because she actually did anything useful.”

The fact that I have only heard sexist comments about women in STEM from men MY AGE honestly, terrifies me. I only have a small sample of anecdotes but the fact that none of them have come from higher ups and peers seem to be making comments more? That’s scary to me. Very.

There are many scenarios were women actually do better then men.  Like anatomy labs.  Men are considered to be more likely to faint or get sick.  Why, do you ask?  Because if a woman starts to feel lightheaded like that, she promptly tells someone and sits down.  And that’s not weakness.  That’s sense talking.  Because if you look at the guy who’s trying to bluster through it,   Well, he’s going to look pretty ridiculous when he passes out.  Not all men, of course, but enough that when I brought this up (because I had heard this before) with my FEMALE lab professor and FEMALE lab TAs, they promptly agreed with me.

Also, my lab has no boys whatsoever in it.  We had one boy on the first day, but he didn’t come back after that.  But all I can tell you is that in a lab full of the “more sensitive and emotional” sex, no one has fainted or vomited at all.  And that’s not because anyone is sitting off in the corner to avoid touching the body.  Everyone’s got their hands covered in fluid by the end of lab, and is discussing what we learned, and even coming in outside of lab to study.


This also, somehow, reminds me of, “Girls see more blood than boys.” 

We were just talking about this in lab today ha. In one of my undergrad labs I worked with a postdoc who was pretty sexist, like it was me, him, and a male undergrad that he really favored over me. At first I thought it was just me but a female grad student said she thought he was sexist without any prompting from me. He always acted like my male classmate did more or better even though we worked the same hours, and he made a big deal one time when the dude got a better data curve than I did and it was really embarrassing. He also acted like I was a moron and literally told me I didn’t understand the project whenever I had questions, which made me want to stop asking.

I showed him tho :) I switched labs (my new lab was in the same building as the old one) and worked really hard. That post doc always acted surprised when he saw me in lab on Saturdays and Sundays, same for whenever he saw me in the break room tutoring freshman twice a week. He was also surprised when he found out I liked math and was a math minor. It was really gratifying to tell him I got into a top grad school when he asked if I knew what I was doing after I graduated later. Also apparently the male student stopped showing up to any sort of lab shortly after I switched so HA


Fucking pay the artists for their work god damn it.



I really wish more people knew about Shadowrun Returns, because a lot of it actually meets all the things that they desire in the current game market.

Set in the universe of the tabletop RPG Shadowrun, it’s a very fun RPG in a world where cyberpunk sci-fi and traditional fantasy fiction clash and collide in a bizzarely perfect fashion. If you can name another game where you can be an elf capable of literally logging themselves into the computer matrix as well as get cybernetic implants on the side? You’re probably thinking of the same game. Furthermore, it satisfies many things that more mainstream and popular games and game developers have failed to deliver.

You want canon LGBTQ characters?


It’s got canon LGBTQ characters, with this one being a key member of the main cast of the Dragonfall DLC.

And as I mentioned, it’s fantasy meets cyberpunk, so there are the usual kind of fantasy races like elves, trolls, orcs, and dwarves!

But what’s this? There are also members of the fantasy races that are PoC!?






Guys, this game is developed by a small Seattle-based independent company, so of course it has its bugs and poor graphics, but it’s a game that has PoC of fantasy races as well as LGTBQ characters, exactly what lots of people are wishing the larger video game companies would put in! The game is only $15 on steam, so give it some support, will you?

Also, best writing I’ve seen in a game in years (no Ravel I haven’t yet started Wasteland 2 :P)

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One down. Only three months overdue! :D